Coop. Agricultural Fruttasana is born in 2001 but the activity of production and commerce of fruit and vegetables it goes up again to the 1946.

The manufacturing partners is carefully selected in the zones of production leader in Sicily and, to guarantee the maximum reliability and the most complete traceability of the products, is driven and checked, in the  technical colturalis, from devoted agronomists.

All the products are biologically cultivated traditionally in areas vocate for kind and seasonality and with method of integrated agricultural cultivation and with compatible solutions according to the norms emanated by the U. E. in food safety subject, safeguard of the environment, genuineness and healthy values.

The firm guarantees a vast range of authentic products of Sicily that, in operation of a constant attention to the quality and the freshness, offers always the good taste and perfume.

Every product is accompanied by a card of presentation where the compositions are listed and the more important nourishing characteristics of the foods (source: National Institute of the Nutrition EDRA, Rome), the place of origin of the cultivations, the various typologies of packaging available and the period of availability of the product.

The firm he is endowed with cars able to manufacture and to label every product second the most sophisticated demands of the client and delivery with customer requirements and delivering with own means and with firms leader of the sector transports, in every Italian region and to the foreign countries.

The firm is always beside the client for possible planning of promotional activity on the Points Sale, (children’s paper, promotions to theme, cartoonist etc..), activity that will be valued and that will be notified during the commercial relationship.


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Citrus Fruits of Sicily

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Arancia di Ribera DOP & Mandarino Tardivo di Ciaculli 

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